• All the solid 8" X 6" random length Eastern White Pine precision milled double T&G logs for the exterior walls (first floor) 8ft nominal wall height, Log Homes Council Graded. (Story and One Half models include log siding for second floor exterior walls, Full Two story models include Solid Logs for exterior walls)

• All the “Bison” lag screws needed to fasten each log course

• All the double row of log course polyfoam insulation sealing tape - “Log Cabin” Log Seal Brand

• All the oak joint dowels for butt ends & corner joints

• All the “Log Cabin” log caulking for butt and end joints


• All the Andersen © 400 Series - High PerformanceTM Low-E4 ® tilt-wash double hung windows as per plan.

• Trapazoid and Fixed Glass when illustrated

• Tempered glass when required by national codes where required according to our standard layout.

• Exterior 1X Window Trim (Rough Sawn 1 side)


• All the 9lite over 2 panel “Fiber Classic” Fiberglass exterior doors by Therma-tru and swing patio doors as per plan.

• All the thermo insulated French Patio Swingers by Therma-Tru® when illustrated

• Exterior 1X Door Trim (Rough Sawn 1 side)


• 2X Studding and Framing materials.

• 2X Window header with 7/16" OSB filler where required.

• Matching Log Cabin Siding.

• Solid Log Gables are Optional.

SECOND FLOOR SYSTEM: (for 50lb. loading)

• All the 2x conventional second floor joists when applicable

• All Second Floor Support Girders when required

• All second Floor Support Posts when required

• Solid Wood Blocking provided at midspan and over load bearing wall.

• All the 7/16" OSB Girder and Header Filler when required.

Once in awhile you find log homes

that are truly beautiful--architecture that lasts lifetimes.


• All the stress engineered 2x conventional roof rafters and collar ties or trusses for the roof system depending on design, for 30lb roof loading

• All the 7/16" Structurwood OSB roof decking.

• All the engineered lumber valley beams when required

• All the Hip Rafters when required

• All the 2X Ridgeboard when required

• All Barge Rafters

• All ladder framing and 2X Subfacia

• 1X Facia


• All the 2"x4" interior studding for partition walls 

• All the 2"x6" plumbing walls

• 8ft Partition walls have precut studs

• All top and bottom plates for stud walls

• 2X6 Headers with 7/16" OSB filler for all Non-Load bearing openings.

• 2X10 Headers with 7/16" OSB filler for all load bearing opening.

PORCH ROOF SYSTEM: (When Illustrated)

• 4X6 Porch Posts

• 6X8 Carry Beams

• All framing and matching Log Siding for Porch Gable Ends.

• All 2X Porch Rafters

• All Ladder Framing and Subfacia

• All Barge Rafters

• Valley and Hip Rafters when applicable.

• All the 7/16" Structurwood OSB roof decking.

• 1X Facia

DORMERS: (When Illustrated)

• All 2X Studding and Framing Materials.

• Matching Log Cabin Siding.

• 2X Window Headers with 7/16" OSB filler where required.

• 2X Rafters.

• Valley Rafters.

• Dormer Headers.

• All the 7/16" Structurwood OSB roof decking.


• All the “Log Cabin” Building Wrap Protection to protect your Log Home materials during  construction

• Up to 5 sets of Auto-CAD designed blueprints

• Final Prints to Include: Floorplans, Elevations, Standard Foundation Plans, Roof Framing, 2nd Floor Framing, Building Section, and Standard Detail Sheet.

• Log Cabin Homes “HOW-TO” construction guide

Nationwide Delivery!

In Compliance with the 2009 IBC - International Building Code

Many Options and upgrades Available! Log Cabin Homes welcomes any custom quote without obligation. Ask your Representative for details. Heavy Roof and Floor loadings, High altitude, Seismic, Hurricane, Nordic, Tropical and other extreme weather building specifications are available as an upgrade.

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